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Who We Are

(Manager + Advisor + Investor)^MSVP = Transformation

Mustard Seed is a boutique advisory and investment team accelerating sustainable clinical innovation in precision health.  We are committed to transforming the health of our world through clinical innovation, personalized care, and implementation of evidence-based precision health.

We partner with Founders, CEOs, Directors, and Investors in early stage ventures offering innovative clinical solutions as well as Managers in established organizations seeking early adoption of novel solutions shown to improve health in real world settings.


What We Do

(Problem + Product + People + Practice)^MSVP > Profit

Mustard Seed catalyzes joy, wisdom, well-being, and abundance through sustainable alignment of people, capital, technology, and practice.  We accelerate adoption of clinical innovation that transforms health outcomes:

  • Clinical Value Chain Analysis & Product Strategy
  • Clinical Evidence Strategy & Study Execution
  • Population Health Strategy & Best Practice Assessment
  • Leadership Qualification & Team Maturation
  • Business Plans & ROI/Valuation Modeling
  • Investor Pitch Decks & Venture Funding


How We Do It

Industry * (Integrity + Ingenuity) = Inspiration

Mustard Seed practices radical candor and creative problem-solving to achieve inspired results.  We assemble bespoke teams of expert advisors to address the unique needs of our Partners under the direct supervision of our leadership team. 

Our Leadership




Clinical Value Chain Analysis

Understanding the clinical value chain of a clinical innovation is essential to its sustainable adoption in real world health care settings.  

The Clinical Value Chain is that set of specific, inter-dependent, cascading claims that form the basis for clinical validity and utility. The Mustard Seed team scores the strength of the body of evidence for the value chain of a clinical innovation and identifies specific gaps in the evidence cascade.

Our clients use the findings from our Clinical Value Chain Analysis to guide product development, develop clinical evidence strategies, and inform key sales and marketing claims. 

Clinical Evidence Strategy

The clinical studies required for a clinical innovation to gain traction in the health care delivery system can be expensive, time-consuming, and poorly aligned with business goals.

The Mustard Seed team models the expected impact of feasible research study portfolios required to gain market adoption of a clinical innovation with an emphasis on real world evidence development. With our partners, the Mustard Seed team also designs and conducts comparative effectiveness studies in real world settings and performs analyses of real world data.

Our clients use our clinical research portfolio models to guide product development priorities and to optimize ROI of clinical evidence investments, which enables them to more rapidly demonstrate the effectiveness of their clinical innovation.

Population Health Strategy

Effectively targeting a clinical innovation to the right population in the right health care delivery setting is critical for sustainable adoption.

Whether designing a new population health strategy or evaluating the performance of an existing program with a Best Practice Assessment, the Mustard Seed team scores performance in 5 domains: Strategy, Engagement, Interventions, Outcomes, Operations.

Our clients use the findings and recommendations of the Mustard Seed team to shape the population health strategy for their clinical innovation and to assess the performance of clinically innovative population health programs.

Leadership Qualification and Team Maturation

Without qualified leadership and mature teams, even the most brilliant of clinical innovations will fail to realize its potential to transform the health care delivery system.

Mustard Seed uses the Core4 Management System as a framework for building and sustaining successful management teams.  The focus is on maximizing the contribution of the individual and building synergy within the team to meet the goals of the organization.  Core4 is designed to produce results and foster joy in the workplace. 

Our clients use Core4 to enhance individual executive performance with 1:1 coaching sessions and to deepen team capacity to handle outlier people or situations. 


Business Plans and Valuation Models

A professional business plan and valuation model with ROI and valuation projections is a prerequisite not only for investor funding but also for clarifying the path to revenue and profitability.

In preparing a business plan, the Mustard Seed team forecasts standard ROI and valuation metrics for a clinical innovation based on key assumptions developed with the client.

Our clients use our business plans and valuation modeling to evaluate product and marketing strategies and to raise Investor funds.

Venture Funding and Pitch Decks

Choosing the right Investor partner is just as important as raising sufficient capital to bridge to the next key milestone.

The Mustard Seed team selectively invests in client ventures when appropriate and also prepares Investor Pitch Decks and assists with fund raising strategy.

Our clients leverage our network and advice for funding.

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